The Video Game

Konami has released three video games, based on the manga, for the Nintendo DS. The first, titled Shugo Chara! Three Eggs and the Joker in Love! (しゅごキャラ!3つのたまごと恋するジョーカー, Shugo Kyara! Mittsu no Tamago to Koisuru Jyōkā), was released in Japan on March 13, 2008. The second game, titled Shugo Chara! Amu's Rainbow-Colored Character Change! (しゅごキャラ!あむのにじいろキャラチェンジ, Shugo Kyara! Amu no Nijiiro Kyara Chenji), was released in Japan on November 6, 2008. Two songs from the game, "Rainbow Colored Character Change!" (にじいろキャラチェンジ!, Nijiiro Kyara Chenji!) and "Greatest Love Power" (最強LOVE POWER, Saikyō Love Power), were released as a CD single on November 5, 2008. The third game, titled Shugo Chara! Norinori! Chara Na-rhythm♪ (しゅごキャラ! ノリノリ!キャラなりズム♪, Shugo Chara! Norinori! Chara-Nari Zumu), was released in Japan on August 6, 2009.