Utau Hoshina 

 Name Utau Hoshina 
Birth Name Utau Tsukiyomi
Kanji ほしな歌唄
Birthday November 9
Blood type A
Age 14-15
                                               Height 161cm.
Weight 42kg.
Team Easter Company
Japanese Voice Mizuki Nana

Utau has very long blond hair in 2 ponytails and purple eyes. Utau is a little taller than Amu and the other female guardians, seeing as she is older than them. She is also seen wear a silver cross around her neck, but she wears it as more of a fashion symbol than a religious one. She is often seen in different and fashionable clothes. Utau is also seen in disguise almost all the time when she is in the streets or parks. Her basic disguise style is a brown hat which her long hair is tie up and put in, a pair of sunglasses that is dark in colour or a pair of reading glasses with her 2 ponytails tied to pigtails. In episode 39 of Shugo Chara Utau never took off her Sunglasses even at night to hide from Amu and her fans. Also in episode 74 she was never in disguise so people knew she was Utau and Amu told her "Should you be in disguise or a hat or pair of sunglasses" while Utau said "Why should I be sneaking around here".