Sky Jack

During Character Change, Kukai receives a star-shaped hairclip and becomes more athletic. He can use all kinds of sports items, as long as it keeps him going. He also receives a skateboard or a snowboard; depending on the terrain he is on.

Character Transformation
Sky Jack Thanks to the Humpty Lock, Kukai and Daichi are able to perform a Character Transformation during the beginning of spring term, becoming "Sky Jack". This represents his desire to play many sports.

Kukai first becomes "Sky Jack" in Episode 29 of the anime and chapter 18 of the manga.

Appearance:As Sky Jack, he wears the green outfit of a pilot with pilot goggles with a star on his left of the pilot headband. He also wears black boots.

  • Skateboard
Abilities:Sky Jack's special attack is "Golden Victory Shoot", using a fiery golden soccer ball to take down his target. He is also highly energetic and athletic, much like his Character change state and Amulet Heart.

Sky Jack rides on a snowboard that gives him flying qualities.

Trivia: In the manga, Kukai has one transformed into Sky Jack once and never demonstrated any of his new powers