Plantium Royal

Character Transformation
Plantium Royal:

With the help of the Humpty Lock, Tadase can merge with Kiseki and Character Transform into "Platinum Royale". This represents his desire to be more confident and to be a strong king.

  • Appearance: In this form, Tadase wears an all white suit similar to a French King with ribbons and frills. He also gains a noble crown and a golden staff. Tadase first becomes "Platinum Royale" in Episode 39 of the anime and Chapter 22 of the manga when Amu encourages him to embrace his flaws and remember how Kiseki was born.
  • Items:
  1. Golden Staff
  2. Royal Sword
  • Abilities: As "Platinum Royale", he is able to perform two new attacks called "White Decoration", "Holy Crown Special", and use his old technique "Holy Crown" in defensive and offensive manners. He later gains a sword during the Rescue Mission for Ikuto and later uses it for the attack "Holy Saber". On one occasion in Chapter 31 and Episode 80, he combines his powers with Amulet Heart's to perform a cleansing technique called "Platinum Heart", showing a strong bond between Amu and Tadase.
  • Mizue Hotori: Tadase's mother in the manga. Because Tadase's father had a close relationship with Ikuto's mother, she is jealous of Souko Hoshina, and expresses that hatred to her children in the anime.
  • Yui Hotori: Tadase's father. Friends to Alto Tsukiyomi and Souko Hoshina.
  • In the anime, he grew up with his grandmother.