Kukai Souma

Name Kukai Souma
Kanji 相馬空海
Birthday August 17th
Blood type A
Age 13
Height 170cm (5 feet, 7 inches)
Weight 55kg (121pounds)
Team Seiyo Academy students, Guardians
Sign Leo
Japanese Voice Abe Atsushi

Kukai Souma (Souma Kukai), is the upbeat and energetic former "Jack's Chair" of the Guardians. He participated in their activities and missions until he graduated, though he kept in touch and continued to be of assistance whenever possible. Kukai is the second Guardian, after Amu, to gain the power of Character Transformation.


One year senior to Amu Hinamori, Kukai helps Amu with her training as the Joker. Although he was the captain of the soccer club, Kukai loves and excels at all sports. At the end of the school year, Kukai graduates and goes on to middle school. However, Kukai returns to visit the Guardians now and then to assist them.

During his time in Seiyo Academy, he is close friends with Tadase Hotori and carries the responsibility of training Amu.

As a sporty kid, he has an outgoing personality, and also a sense of justice. He is very competitive and sometimes competes with Amu and Nadeshiko. He is very into sports, and one time, when he begins experiencing romantic feelings, and Eru says that it's his first love, Daichi comments that it's because he hasn't ever focused on anything besides sports before, and that he's actually surprised with this.

Kukai is also possibly superstitious, since he has been seen giving Utau "good luck charms," by slightly punching her head.

He would visit the Guardians sometimes and help out in battle. His special attack is "Golden Victory Shoot," and he taught Amu it but however, turns out to be a disaster.


Kukai has brown hair and green eyes. He also has pierced both ears.

He is usually in his school uniform, but will occasionally wear other outfits.

Guardian Character
Daichi:Kukai's Guardian Character is Daichi, born from his passion for sports but was indecisive to choose one to stick with. He appears to be best friends with Rhythm. Ran and Daichi have somewhat of a close relationship , both being Guardian Characters of sports. In episode 91 Ran and Daichi were on the same team playing basketball against the other Guardian Characters (Su, Kiseki etc.)