Kairi Sanjou

Name Kairi Sanjou
Kanji  三条海里
Birthday June 12
Blood type A
Age 10
Height 160 cm (5 feet, 3 inch)
Weight 50 kg (110 pounds)
Team Seiyo Academy students, Guardians
Sign Gemini
Japanese Voice Saiga Mitsuki
Kairi is the younger brother of Yukari Sanjo and was sent to spy on the Guardians. This was not his choice though, Yukari immediately begged him to transfer to Seiyo upon discovering that he had a Guardian Character. Since his sister is busy at work, Kairi takes care of the household work (and his sister) in her apartment. However, when he saw the true meaning of his "missions," he tries to rebel against Yukari, but not before he reveals his secret to the Guardians when they accidentally discover him with Pestering CDs. After Amu convinces him that he needs to do what he truly thinks is right, he switches sides. After they stopped Easter's plan to use the Black Diamond CDs, he returns to his hometown and his place as the Jack's Chair is replaced by Nagihiko Fujisaki. In the anime, Kairi reappears in episode 71 where he becomes Chairman of a Committee, and meets Amu and Tadase, who are both representatives of Seiyo Academy. He is still seeking to improve himself to become a man worthy of Amu.