Dear Baby

During Character Transformation with Pepe, she becomes "Dear Baby". This represents her desire to be babyish and get attention.

Her outfit becomes almost identical to Pepe's, including the bunny hat. She also wears slippers.

Yaya first becomes "Dear Baby" in Episode 41 of the anime and Chapter 24 of the manga.


  • Dear Baby's Baby Mobile
  • Dear Baby's Duckies
 Her special moves are "Merry! Merry!", which renders her target into deep slumber, and "Let's Go! Go! Little Duckies", to call up an army of bathing ducks for assistance.

In the manga, she improvises on her attacks in Chapters 35 and 36 and in the anime of Episode 99 Yaya uses "Merry Merry Double Block" to distract a black dog with two baby mobiles. Then, she uses the command "Duckies Scramble, Go Go" to form a shield of bathing ducks to block the black dog. She later uses "Ducky Dash" to make her ducks all attack the black dog at once, however, that resulted in provoking it. Yaya then uses Duckies Scrum Go Go!! Finally, Yaya uses ""Black Duckies, Go, Go" to turn her cute ducks into seductive ones and attract the black dog, which works.