Clown Drop

During Character Transformation, Rima merges with Kusukusu and becomes "Clown Drop". This represents her desire to be as funny as a clown. Rima has been able to Character Transform into "Clown Drop" since before she appeared in Shugo Chara!. She first reveals her Character Transformation in Episode 28 of the anime and Chapter 16 of the manga.

  • Appearance:
  • Rima's outfit becomes similar to that of a rodeo clown's. Her ribbon becomes a large red bow.
Queen's Waltz Added by LittleStar

  • Items:
    • Clown Drop's Juggling Clubs
    • Clown Drop's Tightropes
  • Abilities:
  • Clown Drop's special attacks are "Juggling Party" and "Tightrope Dancer". She can also perform a combined purification move with Yamato Maihime called "Queen's Waltz".