Amulet Fortune

Character Transformations
Amulet Fortune:

Amu Character Transforms into "Amulet Fortune" with all four of her Guardian Characters when she completely opens her heart to Ikuto, causing the two of them to transform together. While Amu becomes "Amulet Fortune", Ikuto also becomes "Seven Seas Treasure" with Yoru. Amulet Fortune represents the girl who wants to marry her true love.

Amu first becomes Amulet Fortune in Episode 100 of the anime and Chapter 38 of the manga.

Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas TreasureAdded by AmuhinamoriXXikuto17 Appearance:
In this form, Amu wears a pure white bridal gown with a tan and rainbow colored bow on the top and frills, pure white opera gloves, and a bridal veil on her head. On top of the veil is a bow and a jeweled flower brooch with the gems representing the colors of Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia. The Humpty Lock glitters with a multi-color light.

As a character of true love, her powers are rather touching to the heart, which is a little bit like Amulet Clover's domestic skills.

In the manga, Amulet Fortune can give off a wave of good feelings for her healing ability "Open Heart Full Bloom", while in the anime, she can only use an upgraded "Open Heart", allowing X-Eggs to be cleansed and those affected by despair to feel warmth and love.


  • This Character Transformation does not last very long.
  • This is the first joint transformation.
  • The name Amulet Fortune comes from:
Amulet: Amu's given name is part of the word "Amulet."

Fortune: Can mean luck or wealth (hence Seven Seas Treasure).

Relationships Family
  • Ami Hinamori: Ami is Amu's pure-hearted younger sister. Ami is very fond of Amu and Utau. Ami can also see Guardian Characters.
  • Tsumugu Hinamori: Amu's father.
  • Midori Hinamori: Amu's mother.
  • Shuu Hinamori: Amu's cousin. (Anime-only)